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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Feel Teal Twibbon

Everyone knows about the colour PINK and Breast Cancer, the campaigning to promote their Pink Ribbon obviously a huge success....but now its OUR turn!
The Feel Teal Club is inviting everyone interested in promoting the colour TEAL for Ovarian Cancer, to join the FEEL TEAL Campaign. All you have to do is upload the TEAL Twibbon to your Twitter profile, or choose from a selection of  TEAL Facebook covers....that's it!

Currently there are no tests effective enough for a population based screening program for ovarian cancer.

In addition, there is no evidence to suggest that screening will reduce the number of deaths from ovarian cancer.

Symptoms that may indicate ovarian cancer are vague and may include one or more of the following:

  • abdominal bloating 
  • difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • frequent or urgent urination
  • back, abdominal or pelvic pain
  • constipation
  • menstrual irregularities 
  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • pain during sexual intercourse.
These symptoms are often related to more common, less serious health
problems and most women will have these symptoms at some time. However,
if you notice any unusual changes or these symptoms persist, visit your

Remember, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact your doctor.