All Eyes on a Boomer

Saturday, 14 January 2012

HappyTeal Year!

Another year over, and a new one has begun… now what?

Our road trip for awareness!

Don’t let it be said there are never plans for the future, especially within the ranks of our Feel Teal Club members! It seems every time we think one event/project is complete, someone is already thinking of another…the brainstorming can be contagious, and so much fun!

The pace has seriously picked-up on our “awareness” campaigning, a weekly podcast production via the Feel Teal Talk show and the Feel Teal Club’s monthly magazine releases-the 2012 January edition just went out and is already receiving great feedback! Thank-you to all our readers!

We never want our followers to miss a beat, so here’s a couple of tips to keep you in the TEAL-LOOP!

Feel Teal Talk show has its own embeddable player….a simple code which you copy/paste onto a webpage or blog and giving you instant access to each episode! If you’d like an example of how they look, check-out our links here:

Just visit the show’s website: and click on Embeddable Player!

This year, apart from sharing each Feel Teal Club Magazine publication “online”, we are encouraging readers to “subscribe”….be among the first to get a copy as it hits the web-stands!

You may also like to have it embedded in a reader-friendly digital format with both and offering easy-to-handle codes! Here are some examples:

To “subscribe” follow link here: