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Monday, 25 February 2008

You're a part of, THE ZONE!

NATIONAL OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS WEEK>>>>> Sunday 24th February - Sunday 2nd March 2008. OvCa Australia will be running a number of events across the country and we encourage our supporters to be involved by coming along or running their own 'Catch up & Check up' session with friends, family or within your local community
Drawing by Tammi Bloom-2003

Youve reached your destination, and log in.
You hand over your details...a name, a passowrd. You have gained access into another world. You have now crossed over the dimension. You have entered, Internet Zone.......

Yes, here you are, in the immediate future. You are welcomed by the many cyberspace connections, who here, are your closest friends! Those that aren't, are either now deleted, possibly is at your fingertips, and you have every available tool known to cyberman. Though you are always trying to keep up with the next creation, which makes life on the internet, an even faster race! Life lives on a page....the very existence or this cyber-community and each page is linked to another, then another and so on...Google is our guide. This daddy of all search engines, knows where EVERTHING is! Boy, he's good! How often does he tell you:"I'm sorry, there is no listing of that person" and then suddenly disconnect from you!?

The lists of homes include the recently more affordable, simple and chic style, known as the Blogs! This page is a home like no other. It has made room for it's visitors to be on your door-step, but by announcing themselves, almost immediately as they enter! There's no need to take your turn in the still popular, Guestbook pages; this simply held back by the fact it sits within someone's premisies, usually requirung a visit to more pages to become familiar...No, with the Blog, what you see is pretty much what you're going to get, so most are now jumping frequently from one, to the next.

We have been introduced to their own set of inredibly handy, and quite promotional set of tools!

Everything from your feedburners to blidgets! RSS/atoms, they are both what starts a page on the road to popularity, but with these little beauties, we can take them with us and have them shaped into our own promotional ads. What's best, they're free! We get a feed, and we get to dress it up...our many designers offer the cyberian, ONLY what they want. So you can get a widget, have it tailored to your specific needs, or a cool blidget, which will amuse your own visitors..let's face it, we STILL like to 'keep with the Jones's'! I spent an entire day window shopping for mine! I picked up a widget, a blidget and then, went back for a chiklet! While on my way home, I saw a sign flashing from another home, so i followed it and now have a 'headliner', and it TOO flashes! Well, when i checked my purse, sure enough, I still had a list of feed urls just waiting to be fed! They all have their own section, so we like to call them our folders...they fit just about anywhere, and if you haven't had time to stop at the folder depot while out on your daily rounds, you know it's best to have them on you!

I just LOVE shopping at Newsgator, but have noticed that Grazr is catching up, and most of our feeds can now be passed onto our community networks FOR US! LOVE their clipboards! How nice of them. Saves time copying that code then having your poor old mouse dragging it all over town! He's really only needed to see the load has been saved okay..Yes, we are moving rapidly towards the future, we stumpleupon, snipperoo, Hikkup, twitter, Typad, pagii, taggfy, myspace, yahoo, facebook, msn,bepo and so on...then you stop. The groups are calling and there are posts to reply to! Minimize the networks, turn off your YouTube, concentrate! But when God says, ENOUGH are BOOTED!

Where in the world are YOU right now?????

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another teleseminar!!

Want to get some great scoops on 'Aging gracefully'? Then you need to hook up for the next Teleseminar!
The past seminars were of great success and so much fun!

We had the Creative Writing then the Blogging seminar which were wonderful tools for many listeners, incluidng yours truly, and I hope to tune in for this next little gem!
Beauty of Aging with experts Jacqueline Wales and Eileen Williams, plan to give you their unique perspective on how to age with grace, dignity and style. Jacqueline's website is Eileen's is The two fabulous divas are holding this teleseminar, on TUESDAY, March 4 at 8pm.

Don't miss out, be sure to sign up at:

Thursday, 14 February 2008

TREASURE HUNT-Legs eleven!

Come join in on the fun! Sign Up to play the Treasure Hunt!
Visit all our sponsor sites to find all the 56 pieces to the puzzle for a grand prize the "Trinity Rose Bracelet".
Find All 56 pieces and collect all 56 puzzle codes. By visiting participating websites.
Each website has a puzzle piece or pieces hidden within their site content. When you find the puzzle piece, click on it then copy and paste the code next to that puzzle piece. Keep a record of codes found for each particular puzzle piece (i.e. puzzle 1 = code, puzzle 2 = code, etc. . . . You will need to submit the information to validate and confirm that you have indeed found all of the necessary codes for each piece.
There are 3 prizes and 3 chances of winning. The first person who submits the correct information wins the grand prize. The second person wins a set of earrings, winners choice, from our site AngBkr Treasures. The third and final prize is a 20% off gift certificate for any purchase from AngBkr Treasures.Sign Up for the Treasure Hunt Mailing List. This is how all contestants will be notified when prizes are won. The mailing list is only used as notification of prizes won. However, if you like playing Treasure Hunts, sign up to receive news of upcoming Treasure Hunts.

GUESS WHAT?? I am just ONE of the many who have hidden jigsaw puzzles inside the pages of our fact, I have given you an extra winning chance by placing a total of ELEVEN puzzle pieces right across the website! All YOU have to do is find them!
Go stop by Angie's Treasures on Valentine's Day, and click on Deliberately Debbie![Deb Stevens]

You will need to go to

Good luck to all!
Angie's Treasure Hunt starts February 14th, 2008.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Romance-What women want!

As a writer, I am often challenged to write differently.
As a woman, and a baby boomer diva, I am now writing more on romance and was recently invited to submit a small piece I'd included in a previous book, and turn it into something more. Okay, so what is more? A novella! With so much Chick Lit buzzing about the literary scenes, my publisher and I put our thinking caps on, and decided it was high time we found out what women readers, really want in a romance book?!
Thanks to the genius of SCuppari Publishing, I have my ideas already flowing and once a few loose ends elsewhere are tied up, I will be plunging deep into the romance story, "Turning Right"-
Meanwhile, we would LOVE to gather some feedback from other women, those reading romance and longing for more! Here's your chance, especially if you are anywhere between the ages of 35+ to surf on over to Writing Edge, and fill in the online survey! Helps us, help you! We want to deliver the kind of romance fiction older women, mature women, sassy wome want to sink their teeth into! Check it out:
If you have any queries, or would like to submit your own little piece of romance, drop us a line at or
As deputy editor for this magazine, I am open to any new ideas so put on those thinking caps ladies, let's inspire others!
If you would like to subscribe to our magazine, stop by or
A cool heavy-duty canvas, cotton tote bag courtesy of Writing Edge, with your subscription order!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Michael Winslow on BlogTalkRadio-

A couple of nights ago, I tuned in to hear the baby boomer diva Queen, on her BlogTalkRadio show-
Following the wonderful on-air topic of Internet Dating, Beverly Mahone once more brought us some fun entertainment when she had guest-celebrity, Michael Winslow on her programme! Yes, that man of many voices is also a man of many faces!
Michael has a list of TV & Movies which he has played various roles, but many will remember his performance, as the cheeky & loveable, 'Sargent Larvell Jones' in the hit comedy classic, "Police Academy"-The role was apparently created around him, saying to Bev, "I got real lucky!"
He had been involved in jazz gigs, 2 shows at the 'Red Light' where Count Basie picked him out!
Michael's character was the result of his love to mimic, something he had begun as a child when growing up near and Air-Base. He shared some wonderful memories with Bev, had us in stitches as he so naturally fell into his amazing entourage of characters and sound effects. He kicked the show off with his greetings to all listeners, and this included a GREAT 'aussie' G'DAY MATE!! I LOVED IT! With a couple of baby boomer divas in the chatroom, I was on the other side of the globe, tuning in with my PC....Michael reflected on his childhood, sharing with Bev his habit of making jet plane noises to which his poor mother was always caught off guard! lol Then he shared the story of the 'dog noises'...warning us never to make the barking sounds, near a real dog, just as he had was so funny, and when he began to bark, my own dog began to growl so he had captured her attention as well! His sound effects were so good, he was once asked to put on tape, the sound of a tiger..this was then compared to the real-deal, and guess what?? Michael's mimic was so close he scored a whopping 90%!
His career moved along once attending the IMPROV school, where he met Robin Williams. They were in different classes, and Michael laughed saying he'd heard that in Robin's class, he had basically taken over! lol Yeah, I can see that! lol With his 'gift', Michael had been given advice from other actors, saying he should JUST do voices, not sounds...well, the rest is history!
Apart from the success of Police Academy, which in all, there were a total of seven films spanning ten years, [1984 through to 1994]
Michael has other acting roles to his credibility, beginning back in 1980-
"Heidi's Song" where he played a character known as Mountain, he also appeared in a couple of Cheech & Chong films,1984 saw him playing the role of 'Spencer' in "Grandview", 1984 saw him usie his voice as the mean 'GIZMO' in the smash comedy-horror, 'The Gremlins"his FEET did that hillarious 'moonwalk' for Michael J Fox in "Back to the Future III"-
In the 1987 Mel Brooks comedy,"Spaceballs", he played 'Radar Technician', and today, is about to show us more in the new movie, "The Great Buck Howard", which stars Tom Hanks and John Malkovich, along with Tom's son, Colin Hanks to name just a few!

Michael shared how Mel Brooks "Made we work" and was grateful, and how "Malko was a professional, and dead on target", inspiring Michael to 'step up his game!' And it would seem it all rubbed off! He is popular just about everywhere he goes, and has fans from all around the world.
Michael has made 3 German films, and says in the UK, the Sci-Fi conventions are so BIG, they attract easy, 120,000 people over a 3 day period, Michael being one of them.
The softer side shows a man dedicated to children, and has helped them through shows on the subject of Breast cancer...helping them to understand what their mother's are going through. I applaud the man! I enjoyed my trip down memory lane as he revisited the days of 'Laugh-In', and good ol' Flip Wilson! "I LOVED 'Geraldine'!" he laughed...So did I!
Seems this baby boomer attracts attention wherever he goes, and on winding the show down, he hinted there MIGHT be a P.A # 8 in the wings, and when asked by a listener if he might ever team up with the likes of Robin Williams [thanks diva sister!] he replied "Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!"
INDEED Michael, you are living proof of that! Thank you Michael, and thank you Bev! I enjoyed every minute of this interview!

Cheers :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

BlogTalkRadio-'Internet Dating'



After a hectic couple of weeks, I finally got a chance to chill out and tune into our bubbly boomer radio host, Beverly Mahone.

Bev is the host of BlogTalkRadio and her programmes offer the listener a great variety of topcs.

As i'd missed a couple, I decided to grab the links and as soon as I finished work, logged in for each one...we will begin with the topic, 'Internet Dating'-

Did you know there are around 7 MILLION registered people online, all looking to hook up??

Amazing stuff! Apparently, more and more of these 'cyber-connections' are baby boomers. They even have their own group for Sci-Fi fans! How cool is that?!

As Beverly ran through some statistics, and different groups meeting online, the queue of callers were all waiting for their chance to share their own experiences. I have included just a sample of various opinions and views from these callers, along with Beverly's own advice.

There are obvioulsy many situations and scenarios that play out between these online couples, so how do you know the do's & don'ts of online dating? Here are a few pointers:
  • Don't get caught up in fantasy! Let's face it, it really is anyone's guess who that other person really is on the other end of space, so you are quite vunerable if not guarded.

  • Proceed with caution. This is your best bet!

  • Some people are not always planning on hooking up, so it might be a good idea to be prepared before joining a dating site. You don't want to be seen as someone wasting another's time?

  • Use your common sense! Just as you do in your daily life, you need to be aware of those people who may not neccessarily have good intentions.

One of Bev's callers came from our Diva group, and she said something even i won't forget: "Kiss alot of frogs until you find your prince" [I think I have that right?? lol I am sure it will be corrected if it is wrong]

  • Chemistry-How do you know you have this over the net? One lady pointed out that because of this reason, she was one who went in prepared, jotting down a list of things that she was looking for, then began her search. This particular lady was married, and had found her husband online! Success!
    This seemed to be quite a common event with other callers announcing the same news, and some had been married for 4 years and over, one mentioned a terrific ten years of marriage! All still going strong, so there is definitely something to say for this dating service, and for those over 40! Let's face it, we ARE slightly more at risk when we have been in a long-term relationship, then find ourselves middle-aged, and suddenly single. What to do, where to go?:
  • Meet in a public place when hooking up after meeting 'online'.

  • The internet CAN be a good place to meet as long as you as cautious online, as you are off...
    BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>A woman conversing online with man in Nigeria, fell for his idea to pack a bag and purchase a one-way-ticket to his country, all with the proviso of then going back together to the United States. GUESS WHAT????? He was a NO SHOW!!!! Worse still, this woman was a mother, of 8 young children!!! Upon her return home, she was confronted with Foster Care who had taken custody of all her children! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?????? She WASN'T! As discussed on the show, if she was that quick to drop everything on a whim, who knows if this was something she would have done elsewhere?? Those poor heart really goes out to them. See? This is the part where CAUTION screams ALERT ALERT!! If you are destined to meet someone, you will. As Bev so wisely added on her wind-up of the show..

  • Be from the inside, out!

And just as we thought the show had ended, on popped a genteman caller from the UK, with a voice that had Bev intrigued! lol Dont woory mate, as soon as he spoke I was in the same trance! lol My hubby, who had decided to join us for the show was ALSO just as intrigued, saying he knew his voice!! haha The accent reminded him of a familiar rock star?! When he has figured out his assumptions, I'll be sure to let you know Bev! lol Anyway, getting back to what this nice British man had to say on his internet dating experience... He believed in using a level of 'steps'...

*First, deep conversation

*Meet face-face

*Get married[and I found this funny...IF NECCESSARY lol]

Sadly, for our throaty Brit, his online experience went nowhere, fast! The girl was from Russia, and she had asked he spend his money on airfares, but something told him not to risk so he didn't...he was a very honest guy! He was also very wise!
And then we came to the end of the programme, and Bev still had some spare-time on her hands before the show closed...this was where she had me and my hubby in stitches! Oh i love ya Bev, you are so cute! lol Instead of serenading us, we did the countdown! Walla! End of show...with someone busily typing in the background! Beverly is your real star, the show must go on and any gaps, well, IMPROVISE!!! So mate, as you signed off, we sat here applauding you!! :) (((clap clap clap woohoo clap clap & a couple of whistles! ))))))

Thanks for a great programme!

NOTE: A very special mention to another special listener..Pop Art Diva's cute little four legged princess[you think I am kidding, this dog has her own tiara] PIXEL!