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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Feel Teal Club Magazine

The start of another month and the beginning of another chapter in awareness....
The Feel Teal Club has launched their first magazine, complete with monthly updates from supporters, this is just one more step in their journey of raising much needed awareness for women worldwide. The July edition shares details of Ovarian cancer events with special highlights from the many contributors. Comedian Shelly Ryan takes time out (from publishing her 1st book) to share a Gilda Moment, we meet a young Australian Entrepreneur with a dream, catch up with what's happening in the music biz and news of a song to support the Feel Teal campaign...this issue is available at the following link. Be sure to download a copy and show your support for this worthy cause!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Titan's fight for ovarian cancer


A gynaecological cancer that affects women & girls worldwide.

When I first learned of its existence, apart from the “fear” that comes from hearing the word

“cancer”, another emotion kicked-in.... anger! Time was against me, so trying to research

something so I could better understand was not an option, it was a necessity!

Mum had just turned 63....four weeks prior, she'd been told that all those weird symptoms she'd

mentioned were now all related to the tumour which had attached itself to her ovary.

Everything mum tried relaying to me over the phone somehow got “lost in transit” as I fumbled to

understand....another part of me had already decided we would simply have to “fight”!

But how do we fight something we know so little about?

Three months later, mum was gone...........

I have told my story in many forms; it's been published in many places, discussed in forums &

doctor's surgeries and spoken about at charity events. I write about the disease, the promise made to

my mother and the need for “awareness”, but it will never be enough until I know it has been passed

on....until we recognise ovarian cancer, the same way we recognise breast and cervical cancer.

It's not just about the colour of the ribbon, it's more a case of the right to protect the future

generations.....the right to well equip our younger females, so that they have better odds to prevent

this disease! Teach them about the “symptoms”, for until we have a better method for screening,

these are the only tools available. We teach them about menstruation, sex and all the risks

attached,so it makes perfect sense someone should teach them about this.


If I was to sit and write about every reason for the need to raise “awareness”, I could publish a

journal...instead, I will leave you with the details of our current campaign....

The TITANS of TEAL consists of people raising awareness within their community/s, survivors,

supporters, family & friends....we all have the same vision, and it is represented by the colour teal.

You know to “THINK PINK”....well now it's time to “FEEL TEAL”!

Are you a titan of teal? Please send us your details so you that your wonderful contribution can be

recognised alongside others....a force like no other! We are, silent no more....