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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

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Friday, 1 May 2009


Have you ever had a burning desire for some justice in your life???? Been 'ripped off', lied to, given the run-around??? Well my friends, today, my hubby FINALLY took a stand against the corruption that lines the hides of our society!
Walking into the office of Fair Trading, hubby demanded his right to be heard, and was!
You see, the story goes like this....we once owned a mortgage, purchased shortly after the death of my dear mother. My father's grief led him to sell up, moving into this newly aquired house alongside myself, hub and two sons...oh, and my collie. My eldest had reached a point in his adolescence where he wanted 'space', so we located a flat not too far from us[being an epileptic was cause for concern]where we could keep an eye on him. He wasn't working at that time, so hub put his name to the lease just to secure the cheap dwelling, this meant us sharing the rent while paying off our own home. Long story short, after a terrible seizure which left my boy sporting two black eyes & a broken nose, it was time to come back home! Packed up furniture, carpets cleaned and the keys returned to the real estate, that was that. So we all thought? Fast forward three years- Our house, sold,Dad's returned to the central coast,and we'd joined the list of people 'renting' to survive. Nothing keeping us in the area, we decided to make steps back to where we originally lived, prior to the mortgage. Submitting a few unsuccessful applications, scratching our heads with dismay,hub decided to investigate.....lo & behold, someone's placed his name with TICA! But who?? And what's TICA?? TICA is a central register of tenants who have defaulted under their tenancy agreement or a history of where they have rented.But he hadn't defaulted??? Months of anguish later, hubby arrived back home today, feeling rather victorious! Knowing this was a clerical error on behalf of a real estate agency, my hubby went on a hunt for the person responsible, after all, this slight against his name was WRONG, and causing many problems for him.
Today, he took on the Lord Mayor and a few shocked-councillors, leaving them rather red-faced and gob-smacked!! After chatting with the RIGHT people, hub has regained control, the real estates stumbling for words, and justice likely to be served! Power to the people....especially when you dare to speak up!